HochZuhaus – Der Chat zur hybriden Aufführung bei Magdalena:On:Line

Bei der hybriden Vorstellung von HochZuhaus – Geschichten im begrenzten Raum im Rahmen des Magdalena:On:Line Festivals im Juni 2020, die im öffentlichen Raum ebenso wie auf Zoom stattfand, war der Life-Chat eine weitere Ebene der Publikumsinteraktion. Die Zuschauer:innen waren weltweit zugeschaltet (Puerto Rico, Indien, Singapur, Australien, Europa…) – die meisten Mitglieder des internationalen Netzwerks The Magdalena Project.
Ganz besonders war der Moment, als der Boden anfing zu schreiben, mit dem die Trapezkünstlerin seit Jahren keinen Kontakt mehr hatte…

00:16:45 Olivia Nieto: Yay! Excited for this! <3
00:17:14 Marianne – Magdalena Online: Galley view. Turn on your Videos
00:17:33 Marianne – Magdalena Online: But turn of your Audio
00:17:40 Olivia Nieto: wow!!
00:18:01 Marianne – Magdalena Online: Don’t be afraid, turn on your vieos!
00:18:14 Magdalena Online: please put your video on if you would like to chat with jana
00:20:06 Magdalena Online: are you all able to start your video?
00:20:20 Bianca Mastrominico: Sorry to Jana, I can’t put my video on right now, but I am happy to watch and I am sending good vibes to everyone:)
00:20:38 Magdalena Online: bianca, do you need permission?
00:21:35 Bianca Mastrominico: No,thanks, I have on and off childcare right now
00:22:02 Magdalena Online: ok bianca 🙂
00:22:47 Paola Luna Vellucci: OI Jana really happy to see you !!! For me a moment of silence!! Kisses
00:23:16 Janaina – Magdalena Online: Everyone who would like to have an one on one chat with Jana, turn on your cameras.
For every scene she will choose one guest to have a chat with her and she will dance on the trapeze exclusively for that person – everybody else may watch and be a witness to this personal interaction.
Those who have their video off, will not be chosen. So also, if you are not comfortable to chat with Jana in English , keep you videos off.
00:26:12 Magdalena Online: maybe it’s why i like to swing so much … a bit easier than jumping 😉
00:26:26 Elizabeth de Roza: Me too
00:26:40 Marianne – Magdalena Online: I get dizzy very fast
00:26:45 Janaina – Magdalena Online: me too!!!
00:27:02 Magdalena Online: Everyone who would like to have an one on one chat with Jana, turn on your cameras.
For every scene she will choose one guest to have a chat with her and she will dance on the trapeze exclusively for that person – everybody else may watch and be a witness to this personal interaction.
Those who have their video off, will not be chosen. So also, if you are not comfortable to chat with Jana in English , keep you videos off.
00:27:50 Paola Luna Vellucci: UAU111
00:28:47 Marianne – Magdalena Online: Paula, is it a Code for not aging?
00:29:02 Janaina – Magdalena Online: hahahha
00:30:58 Magdalena Online: karla performed 3 times yesterday – she’s allowed to lie down today …
00:31:27 Marischka Klinkhamer: kip
00:31:51 Magdalena Online: yes – my sister’s chickens sleep in trees
00:31:57 Marianne – Magdalena Online: yes they go into trees
00:32:11 Marischka Klinkhamer: Tea pots can’t fly!
00:32:20 Marianne – Magdalena Online: they also have almost the same shape
00:32:28 Helen – Magdalena Online: i’m a bit worried about the eggs
00:32:37 Janaina – Magdalena Online: hahaha same shape!
00:32:38 Helen – Magdalena Online: there must be an awful lot of broken ones on the ground …
00:32:39 Paola Luna Vellucci: I am seeing you but I remain silent. It’s a moment like that. Saudades!!!!
00:32:47 Marianne – Magdalena Online: eggs in a teapot, could be possible
00:32:58 Helen – Magdalena Online: what about the birds?
00:33:32 Marischka Klinkhamer: The clouds are fitting in very happily
00:34:18 Helen – Magdalena Online: tadpoles
00:34:20 Helen – Magdalena Online: baby frogs
00:37:00 Helen – Magdalena Online: so many chickens!
00:37:11 Helen – Magdalena Online: i thought it was a brown shaver?
00:37:56 Marianne – Magdalena Online: eal
00:38:19 Deborah Hunt: its a bit!
00:38:24 Olivia Nieto: el pollo loco!
00:38:28 Helen – Magdalena Online: a snake?
00:38:30 Dawn Albinger: It’s a sloth
00:38:32 Maria Porter: flamingo
00:38:34 Deborah Hunt: a bat
00:38:46 Helen – Magdalena Online: yay deborah!
00:39:39 Deborah Hunt: a terrible yoga position
00:39:56 Kerensa Dewantoro: turtle
00:39:57 Helen – Magdalena Online: how long can she stay like that?
00:40:16 Deborah Hunt: birds nest makes sense
00:40:19 Elizabeth de Roza: Bird’s nest is something we drink
00:40:29 Elizabeth de Roza: There a drink called bird’s nest drink
00:40:35 Olivia Nieto: bird’s nest is soup for us
00:40:38 Elizabeth de Roza: Good for your health and complexion
00:40:54 Helen – Magdalena Online: lol
00:41:03 Helen – Magdalena Online: lol
00:41:20 Paola Luna Vellucci: I like it!!!
00:41:37 Elizabeth de Roza: Dim sums
00:41:54 Marianne – Magdalena Online: I was thinking exactly that! Hunger
00:41:57 Paola Luna Vellucci: Spaghetti?
00:42:22 Marianne – Magdalena Online: well you are!
00:42:29 Helen – Magdalena Online: lol
00:42:36 Maria Porter: yikes
00:43:33 Marianne – Magdalena Online: i love being in water
00:43:39 Paola Luna Vellucci: Hallo Maria!! Kisses
00:44:34 Helen – Magdalena Online: put your video on if you want to talk with jana
00:45:20 Paola Luna Vellucci: Jana, you are the best!!!
00:46:00 Paola Luna Vellucci: Zoe, hallo, happy to see you
00:48:35 Violeta Luna: I like the big key of the house
00:48:46 Marianne – Magdalena Online: toilet is like the opposite of a trapeze
00:49:14 Helen – Magdalena Online: yes 😀
00:50:06 Dimple Shah: how strong the gravity
00:50:12 Paola Luna Vellucci: I like the boot
00:50:36 Paola Luna Vellucci: UAU!!!!!
00:50:44 Olivia Nieto: wooooooooooooowwwww
00:50:57 Deborah Hunt: 50km
00:51:00 Marianne – Magdalena Online: fast, say fast
00:51:14 Deborah Hunt: 220km
00:51:27 Paola Luna Vellucci: kakaka
00:51:39 Marianne – Magdalena Online: but how do you know the speed Jana?
00:52:10 Dimple Shah: woo
00:52:15 Marianne – Magdalena Online: so it will only be dangerous for the audience
00:52:23 Deborah Hunt: its good to know you will not be fried by lightning…
00:52:25 Nazaré Sodré da Silva: Uau!!!
00:53:11 karla ptacek: Poetic strength
00:53:59 Janaina – Magdalena Online: if you live in the heights you’ll always have the sky to remember you
00:54:07 Helen – Magdalena Online: and the clouds
00:54:07 ground: I’ll remember you Jana
00:54:26 karla ptacek: Ask the ground to remember me -tell the ground to catch me — this is also for a gravestone
00:54:28 ground: i will catch you
00:54:51 Deborah Hunt: ground touched…all good.
00:55:00 Olivia Nieto: lupa, paki salo si jana. -in filipino
00:55:08 karla ptacek: Extraordinaire!
00:55:15 Bianca Mastrominico: You are so grounded, ground…
00:55:40 karla ptacek: xxx
00:55:48 Paola Luna Vellucci: Jana you are pure poetry!!
00:56:20 Paola Luna Vellucci: Hallo Deborah!
00:57:05 Helen – Magdalena Online: hand massage?
00:58:00 Clara Gomes: a World Day Without Hands
00:58:18 Paola Luna Vellucci: Too much!!
00:58:49 Helen – Magdalena Online: callouses
00:58:50 Vera Ribeiro: clap, clap!
01:01:00 Janaina – Magdalena Online: I just wrote a poem for you Jana:
01:01:03 Janaina – Magdalena Online: lembrar de dizer à terra que me acolha, ao vento que me encaminhe, à água que me emocione, ao céu que me sonhe
01:01:10 Nazaré Sodré da Silva: Fantástico!
01:01:17 Helen – Magdalena Online: translation?
01:01:36 Janaina – Magdalena Online: remember to tell the earth to embrace me, the wind to guide me, the water to move me, the sky to dream me
01:01:39 Leticia Olivares: <3 adorável, janaina
01:01:51 Helen – Magdalena Online: beautiful jana 🙂
01:01:53 Paola Luna Vellucci: A beautiful and good “calloused” woman..rsrs
01:02:03 Janaina – Magdalena Online: <3
01:02:04 Nazaré Sodré da Silva: Muito bom ver Jana no ar!!!! Sempre bom!!!
01:03:02 marianne – magdalena online: see you rebecca
01:03:52 Clara Gomes: I have rocks in my neck- not from the trapeze but from the Zoom meetings…
01:04:19 Helen – Magdalena Online: wow
01:04:25 Paola Luna Vellucci: UAU
01:04:29 Helen – Magdalena Online: lol
01:04:34 Olivia Nieto: i’ll try that!!
01:04:50 Helen – Magdalena Online: absolutely!
01:04:59 Janaina – Magdalena Online: me too! it takes at least 6 days for me!!
01:05:08 Olivia Nieto: it’s a billion dollar idea!
01:05:56 Helen – Magdalena Online: wow
01:06:02 Janaina – Magdalena Online: amazing!!
01:06:09 Dimple Shah: wow
01:06:15 Helen – Magdalena Online: you are a cyborg jana
01:07:11 Paola Luna Vellucci: Jana you are amazing!!!
01:07:33 Helen – Magdalena Online: so if we sit at our computer too long, we’ll get hairy bums?
01:07:40 Dimple Shah: i can never do what you do ur amazingly brave
01:08:05 Elizabeth de Roza: Hairy bums for all of us
01:08:58 karla ptacek: Oh no Elizabeth. Perhaps we have standing desks and develop hairy feet.
01:09:12 Helen – Magdalena Online: hobbits …
01:09:33 Elizabeth de Roza: Standing desks is probably a better idea – but how to get rid of the hairy feet
01:09:53 Helen – Magdalena Online: you need the hair if you are standing
01:12:16 Olivia Nieto: beautiful flow!
01:12:24 Paola Luna Vellucci: You are really too much!!
01:13:58 Mary Anne Hopgood: Brava!
01:14:14 Nazaré Sodré da Silva: Emocionante!!!
01:14:40 Janaina – Magdalena Online: yes, I thought about water too 😉
01:15:01 Helen – Magdalena Online: liveness!
01:15:05 Paola Luna Vellucci: poetry bird!!
01:15:12 Maya K Rao: You took us into another world, Jana! Blue skies with no virus! And so joyous and light!
01:15:27 Elizabeth de Roza: Utopia
01:15:45 Olivia Nieto: the new social distancing! thank you, jana!
01:16:14 Deborah Hunt: loved your performance the other day Olivia.
01:16:48 Olivia Nieto: thank you, Deborah! I am inspired to do the MonoVlog while juggling clubs because of jana!
01:17:19 Elizabeth de Roza: Yes! Olivia – saw your video on that
01:17:55 Paola Luna Vellucci: Beauty and delicacy
01:18:12 Olivia Nieto: I hope to collaborate with jana while I juggle on the ground. hahaha. I have to practise more. Jana is so inspiring!
01:20:34 Kerensa Dewantoro: Dimples sky is changing..performing too
01:21:29 Elizabeth de Roza: Blue sky – ahhhhhhhh
01:24:10 Leticia Olivares: the strength under the lightness and fluidity
01:25:45 Olivia Nieto: *standing ovation*
01:26:01 Paola Luna Vellucci: BRAVO!!!!
01:26:02 marianne – magdalena online: your performance reminded me of Saint Saëns Le Carnaval des animaux
01:26:16 Clara Gomes: Maravilhoso!
01:26:21 Deborah Hunt: brava Jana! Brava!
01:26:25 Paola Luna Vellucci: Thanks very much!!!
01:26:27 karla ptacek: Airborne Goddess
01:26:31 zoe gudovic: bravoooooo
01:26:35 Paola Luna Vellucci: clap clap clap
01:27:19 marianne – magdalena online: zou are wellcome to place questions or comments in teh chat
01:27:19 Helen – Magdalena Online: don’t drop the laptop!
01:27:31 Christina Papagiannouli: haha
01:27:34 Paola Luna Vellucci: LINDA!!!!
01:29:32 Mary Anne Hopgood: A new dimension opened in the sky, thank you!
01:29:35 Helen – Magdalena Online: it’s amazing to be up on the trapeze now
01:30:36 Clara Gomes: belo poema Janaina
01:30:52 Helen – Magdalena Online: yeah!
01:31:11 Leticia Olivares: Ouvir foi muito tão diferente de ler! pareceu uma oração
01:31:27 marianne – magdalena online: great idea
01:31:29 Leticia Olivares: tão, quis dizer
01:31:44 Janaina – Magdalena Online: obrigada Leticia! <3
01:33:15 Dimple Shah: so inspiring loved seeing you after 6 years
01:33:22 Kerensa Dewantoro: for out inner child to fly
01:33:33 Paola Luna Vellucci: Grazie Janaina!
01:33:33 Karin Ahlström: I found amazing we are having this chitchat with u up in the air holding the computer in one hand hahahahaha
01:33:40 Kerensa Dewantoro: our
01:34:04 Olivia Nieto: thank you, jana! beautiful narrative and flow!
01:34:29 Helen – Magdalena Online: thanks jana! was really wonderful!
01:34:44 Kordula Lobeck de Fabris: Greetings from Wuppertal!!
01:34:49 Bianca Mastrominico: Thanks. Jana for bringing us closer to the sky
01:34:50 Violeta Luna: Thank you Jana! It was beautiful like pollo frito
01:34:56 Maya K Rao: Really Great Jana, fly higherrrr!
01:35:15 Paola Luna Vellucci: VIVA Jana!!!!