Site specific productions

Site specific and comissioned projects

Lately I have been enjoying to create site specific work, delving into examination of a specific space. I develop performances, workshops, and contemporary circus in public spaces – based on research material that I obtain by historical and socio-cultural research, by structural and aesthetic inspiration.

Selected site specific work

FernNah – aerial performance in Luther's Oak in Eberswalde, with music by phyla, celebrating 500 years of Reformation, Premiere: 28 10 2017, Eberswalde – possible to perform in other trees

Voll praktisch. – aerial sketch for multimedia installation and exhibition by Kordula Lobeck de Fabris, Munich 2018

vergangene Kunst – workshops about former artistic, circus, and theatrical performances at Kulturpark / Spreepark, August-September 2019, Spreepark Berlin

Über-Blicke – Connecting former performance at Spreepark with contemporary perceptions of nature, August 2020, Spreepark Berlin

FernNah - Performance in a tree with music by phyla

An homage to Marguerite Porète - a radical anarchist beguine in the 13th century - we perform aerial dance and new music in an interpretation of her "The mirror of the simple souls":
A dialogue between soul, reason, love, morality, and other beings.

Aerial artist meets musicians - every body situated in exchange, in music, in physicality. We try to draw an image of an energetic life, of a life that was radically rooted, and yet free.
We disect her thoughts into fragments. We weave text, sound, and voice fragments into minimal music - many-voiced dialogical texture.

A tree in the center - a path. Within voices, sound, aerial dance.
Aerial artist meets musicians - every body situated in exchange, in music, in physicality. An attempt to draw a moving image of a radically life, de- eply rooted and yet free.

FernNah, Foto: Thomas Kelling

The beginning of FernNah was a random stumble: In Jihlava, Czech Republic, we encountered the ancient beech behind the church of St. Jacob's. Immediately we were under its spell. A story appeared...
2016 the city of Eberswalde commissioned us to create a performance for their official celebrations of Luther's Reformation. A very ambivalent assignment, because we were (and are) quite dismissive of Luther - not least for feminist reasons...
So we went on a quest to find liberating aspects of the Reformation - and pronounced Marguerite Porète as one of its trailblazers - against authority, against hierarchy, against (male) domination.

The premiere was in October 2017 - in Luther's Oak in Eberswalde.


Concept and Idea: Jana Korb
Performance: Jana Korb
Music: phyla – Jennie Zimmermann and Gisbert Schürig
Production: korb + stiefel

In co-operation with Evangelische Stadtkirchengemeinde and the City of Eberswalde.



Jennie Zimmermann and Gisbert Schürig

phyla combine minimal music and improvisation to create soundscapes of poetic fragility and archaic impact - woven of voices between barely audible breaths, thunderous throat singing, and electronic sounds. Silence and gradual evolvement of sounds create a moment of infinity.


Site specific touring

We created this for Eberswalde, but have performed in other notable trees as well. We are happy to explore your particular (landmark) tree. Set up and rehearsals will take three full days on site.
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FernNah, Foto: Tobias Stiefel


FernNah, Foto: Tobias Stiefel

The Mirror of Simple Souls

LOVE: This soul - says LOVE - is free, and yet more free, and yet very free, and yet supremely free, in root and stems and every branch, and in every fruit of her branches.
REASON: O God, o God, o God! - says REASON - what does this creature say? This is utter bewilderment!
SOUL: That is right and proper - says this SOUL.
in: Marguerite Porète, "The Mirror of Simple Souls"

FernNah, Foto: Tobias Stiefel


FernNah, Foto: Tobias Stiefel

FernNah, Foto: Ronald Spratte

Voll praktisch (really convenient)

An aerial sketch for Unsichtbare Orte – Frauen in der Kunst (Invisible places – women in art)

For years I have been working to make forgotten and invisible artists visible – thus creating a herstory of circus as well as enabling visibility of contemporay women artists.
With this video sketch I am tracing my own path out of invisibility.

A multimedia installation and exhibition, dealing with visibility of women in art, by visual, sound, and video installations, text, foto and performances.
A co-operation of local and international artists.

18 - 22 04 2018, Pathos Theater, Munich

Exhibition concept: Kordula Lobeck de Fabris
Idea and video concept: Jana Korb
Text and performance: Jana Korb
Music: Astor Piazolla
Camera: Kordula Lobeck de Fabris
Edit: Heinz-Uwe Schorn

Supported by: Magdalena München, Villa Waldberta, Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat

Vergangene Kunst / Bygone Art - History and Performance

Workshops about bygone creative, artistic, musical, and theatrical performances at former Kulturpark / Spreepark, Berlin.

Besides rides and gastronomic offerings, its numerous stage shows at Kulturpark and later Spreepark enjoyed huge popularity – from music to theater, from circus to extravaganzas. These shows are a vital part of the memories of the park's visitors.

But who were these artists who performed at Kulturpark and Spreepark? What shows were to be seen? And how have they inscribed themselves into peoples’ recollections of the park?

Using photographs and archival footage, personal memories and recollections of the performers, our participants will be given the opportunity to research on site. Each workshop will feature a different performer from the time, who will be discussing their experiences.

Former Artists*

Die Ompahs – Horse riding shows
Conversation with Ompah founder Dr. Bernd Otto

Diverse acts of State Circus of GDR
Conversation with former State Circus spokesperson Dietmar Winkler

Hops und Hopsi – shows for childer
Conversation with Hops successor and Spreepark historian Christopher Flade

Polar bear trainer Ursula Böttcher
Conversation with Böttcher's assistant and zookeeper Joachim Krebs

Stuntcrew Babelsberg
Conversation with stuntman and director Rene Schobeß


Idea and Concept: Jana Korb
Artistic direction: Anja Gessenhardt and Jana Korb
Video and sound: Friederike Berat
Design exhibition: Jana Korb
Fotos: Tobias Stiefel, Jürgen Scheer

Open day at Spreepark
Exhibition and video screening of workshop results

Workshop Series: environmental and cultural education

of Grün Berlin GmbH

These workshops are part of the planning process of Grün Berlin. The park is not publicly accessible yet. Thus Grün Berlin is researching possibilities of future educational opportunities within the specific space of Spreepark.

Vergangene Kunst, Ausstellungstafel, Foto: Jana Korb


Vergangene Kunst, Ausstellung, Foto: Anja Gessenhardt


Vergangene Kunst, Spaziergang mit Rene Schobess, Foto: Jürgen Scheer


Vergangene Kunst, Präsentation Die Ompahs, Foto: Tobias Stiefel

Spreepark, Foto: Jürgen Scheer

Über-Blicke – connecting former performance at Spreepark with contemporary perception of nature

Based on vergangene Kunst 2019 we want to explore how to capture past artistic traces, how to make elusive memories visible – without nostalgic re-enactment and pseudo-historicims. How can we create contemporary performance at Spreepark, situating historic traces of performance in a context both of future public Spreepark and current social divides?

Going deeper, we want to research, how to transfer artistic and performative practices beyond the context of performing arts. How can we apply these practices in Spreepark – to experience the space, to strengthen the importance of its natural biotope, and at the same time to not disturb its habitat?

Invited Artists*

Geschwister Weisheit "Cosmonauts of Highwire Walking":
Rudolf and Edeltraud Weisheit (former highwire walkers at VEB Kulturpark)

Thomas Janoske, contemporary high wire performer


Idea, artistic research: Jana Korb
Workshops, moderation: Jana Korb, Anja Gessenhardt
Training and rigging: Thomas Janoske
Video and sound: Friederike Berat

Dates: August 2020

Workshop Series: environmental and cultural education

of Grün Berlin GmbH

These workshops are part of the planning process of Grün Berlin. The park is not publicly accessible yet. Thus Grün Berlin is researching possibilities of future educational opportunities within the specific space of Spreepark.