Aerial Arts for Gala-Shows and Events


Jana Korb, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Aerial artist Jana Korb keeps searching for ways to transcend her aerial art. Her repertoire consists of feature length aerial theater, and re-inventions of aerial technique: she transforms a rope into a pair of silks in the middle of her act; she works on three trapezes as if they were one rope; and she dresses in unbelievable costumes like flowing robes and high heels! Thus she narrates poetic stories even during her short gala acts - about the lady reminiscing about her golden youth, about the divided sky, about Kafka's trapeze artist, and other grand ladies...

Romantic and breath-taking, open air and in theaters, at gala events and festivities - Jana Korb will mesmerize her audience with her aerial acts:
>> Milonga del Angel - trapeze solo
>> Lady l'Aire - silks solo
>> Swinging Lyra - aerial hoop solo
>> Hanging Around - walkacts and ambient aerial arts

>> The Sassy Jassy Sisters - silks duett
>> Magnolia Duett - silks-trapeze
>> Planets - flying duett with counterweight on two aerial hoops

>> mosaique Feuershow und Artistik - fire shows and walking acts

>> ensembles


Milonga del Angel, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Milonga del Angel

Solo trapeze show

Tango Ballett on solo trapeze with music by Astor Piazolla.

Dancing in the air, Jana Korb sweeps her audience away into the mesmerizing world of Milonga del Angel:
Tender movements and playful dance choreographies correspond expressively with Piazolla's music.
She floats like an otherwordly creature in her azure gown - above her audience.

Trapeze act (7min.), solo fix trapeze, height min. 5,50m, two rigging points (á 3,5kN)

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Lady l'Aire, Foto: Carman Jackson

Lady L'Aire

Aerial silks show

Elegant and playful, strong and smooth – Lady l'Aire is dancing with and on her aerial silks.
Tender movements and sweeping choreographies correspond expressively with mysterious cello music.
Her turquoise silks are flying and floating, forming beautiful shapes around the artist.

Aerial silks show (ca. 7min), one rigging point (á 3,5kN), height min. 6m (optimum 8m), ground space min. 3m x 3m

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Swinging Lyra, Foto: Mireta von Rantzau

Swinging Lyra

Aerial hoop / Lyra

Jana Korb is dancing on her aerial hoop with elegance and charm. Her smooth moves correspond beautifully with her spheric music - reality and dream merge into a whole new kosmos.

A special bonus - Jana Korb happily combines fire with her aerial art, and brings fire show elements of fire eating and body fire onto the hoop.

Aerial hoop (7min), one rigging point (á 3,5kN), height min. 5m, ground space min. 3m x 3m

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Jana Korb, Foto: Carman Jackson

Jana Korb, Foto: Carman Jackson

Hanging Around

Ambient aerial arts - a stationary walking act

For “Hanging Around” we extract the best aspects of walking acts and aerial arts, combining it to create a stationary aerial walking act. Of course we cannot avoid that our aerial artists hang in a fixed position. But the audience may come and go, allowing to be mesmerized for a few moments, interacting with our aerial artists with their beautiful dancing on the hoop, silks, or trapeze.

This and other "real" walkacts are part of the joint repertoire of Jana Korb and mosaique.

Ambient aerial arts (30min.), solo trapeze, aerial hoop, or silks, height min. 5,50m, one or two rigging point (á 3,5kN)

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The Sassy Jassy Sisters, Foto: Thomas Dix

The Sassy Jassy Sisters, Foto: Thomas Dix

The Sassy Jassy Sisters

Aerial ballett on silks

In the 19. century the trail blazing aerial ladies were huge ensembles of up to 100 dancers. They worked on up to 100 ropes, hanging next to each other, and danced in beautiful synchronized choreographies in the air. We seized this forgotten tradition, and create synchronized aerial art on silks.
Our style is contemporary yet retro nostalgic. But we adapt our act and costumes to other themes as well.

Aerial Performance Duett with Jana Korb and Sylvia Idelberger – we also work on other props like ropes and trapezes. Depending on your event, depending on your ideas, everything is possible - and we are many - up to 10 aerialistst!

Silks duett (ca. 12 min), 2 silks, height min. 7m, two rigging points min. 3m apart (á 3,5kN), ground space per silk min. 3m x 3m

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Magnolia Duett

Magnolia Duett

Magnolia Duett

Together on two silk trapezes

Jana Korb and Sylvia Idelberger (Sol'Air) have been co-operating from the beginning of their aerial careers: together in aerial ensembles, in huge aerial productions, in duetts, and in joint artistic creations.

One of their poetic co-productions is Magnolia Duett: Jana's and Sylvia's synchronized dance in aerial heights with their silks trapezes. Sol'Air's custom built silks trapeze combines the magic volatility of the silks with the dramatic power of the trapeze, without contact to the ground!

Silks trapeze duett (7-10min.), 2 trapezes,  im Abstand von 3m in mind. 5,50m Höhe an jeweils 2 Hängepunkten (je 3,5kN)

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Planets, Foto: Sabine Gistl

Planets, Foto: Sabine Gistl


Flying counterweight duett on two aerial hoops

Like two galactic planets, Jana Korb and Nicola Elze (Danza Furiosa) are circling each other in their aerial hoops. One of them starts up all the way to the top, then the other start rising - in the end they find each other and combine their hoops for an elegant aerial duett.

Futuristic silver style for gala events.
Open air version with fantasy birds.

Flying counterweight duett on two aerial hoops (7-12min.), height min. 8m, one rigging point (á 5kN), ground space min. 6m x 6m

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mosaique, Foto: Walter Gerbracht

mosaique, Foto: Walter Gerbracht

mosaique - Feuerkunst und Artistik

Fire shows and circus arts

On her quest to trancend traditional aerial arts, Jana Korb joined fireshow compagnie mosaique: mosaique creates breathtaking fire shows with extraordinary acrobatics.

Their ongoing production “Illuminair” combines the power of fire with the lightness of aerial arts. Thus creating the genre Aerial Fire Fusion! Trapeze art, fire show, and aerial dance theater - open air and indoor on their free-standing aerial rig.

But their biggest passion lies with fire theater of the 20s and 30s! Golden 20s, swing time and charleston provide a beautiful upbeat setting for mosaiques "Swing Fire" and "Voyage d'Ardeur".

Trapeze, fire arts and aerial dance – open air and indoors on a freestanding aerial rig!

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Eclair en l'Air

Eclair en l'Air



The aerial repertoire of Jana Korb comprises both independent work, as well as duett productions (e.g. Trapezduo Sirius), and joint co-operations with larger companies and emsembles. She was part of the artistic collective productions of Trapeztheater Daumenkino and performed as trapeze and rope artist with Hang10.
Currently she is part of the aerial ensemble of Eclair en l'Air – a story of a chandelier - and of circus musical theater Sensa.
Furthermore she is frequently co-operating with ZirCouplet Variete, and produces whole gala event nights as creative director.