Lady L’Aire

Aerial Silks Show


Lady l'Aire, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Elegant and playful, strong and smooth – Lady l'Aire is dancing with and on her aerial silks.
Tender movements and sweeping choreographies correspond expressively with mysterious cello music.
Her turquoise silks are flying and floating, forming beautiful shapes around the artist.

My favorite color is turquoise! But this does not have to be everyone's favorite: As you wish, I love to perform with different colors! Beautiful are our golden silks (see The Sassy Jassy Sisters), but real classics are silks colored in red or white.
Everything else is also possible. Except, beware of green: in traditional circus there is this superstition of not using green with aerial art – green bringing bad luck into the big top chapiteau... Of course we do not believe in stuff like this. But let's be honest: green is a complicated color for event lighting. To avoid making the artist's face look sickly is really hard!!!


Vertikal-Tuch-Show (ca. 7 min)
>> technical conditions

Lady l'Aire on Silks



Lady l'Aire, Foto: Mireta von Rantzau


Lady l'Aire


Lady l'Aire, Foto: Carman Jackson


Lady l'Aire, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Technical Details

Rigging points for silks
Height: min. 6m - better 7m
Load: 3,5kN WLL per rigging point
Ground space: min. 3m x 3m per silk

The aerial space must be free of obstacles, not closer than 2m.

In case of unclarities about the rigging point - please do not hesitate to ask me, or let me talk to your technical director directly.

Open Air
For open air events I can bring my own aerial rig: freestanding pyramid (without anchor points)
Height: 8m
Ground space: ca. 6m x 6m
Ground space for setup: 16m x 6m

Setup by Jana Korb and team.
The ground must be flat and even, free of equipment and obstacles. The aerial space must be free of obstacles, not closer than 2m.

Setup: ca. 1,5h
Take down: ca. 1h

I am happy to perform on other rigging points. Or maybe your event has sponsors of the building trades - and you have access to a crane. Please contact me!

We need a sound system, appropriate for the size of the audience. We bring our own player (to connect by mini jack).

We need light for the entire silks.
I will bring a detailled technical rider for lights.

If there is a crash mat (size: 2m x 3m x 30cm), we are happy to use it!
In some cases, we can bring our own.