Swinging Lyra

Aerial Hoop / Lyra


Swinging Lyra, Foto: Jürgen Scheer

Jana Korb is dancing on her aerial hoop with elegance and charm. Her smooth moves correspond beautifully with her spheric music - reality and dream merge into a whole new kosmos.
(With the help of a pulley system) she is flying up high and down again.

A special bonus - Jana Korb happily combines fire with her aerial art, and brings show elements of fire eating and body fire onto the hoop.

Aerial Hoop Show (7min)

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Swinging Lyra, Foto: Anwyn Entertainment


Swinging Lyra


Swinging Lyra, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Technical Details

Rigging point for aerial hoop
Height: min. 5m
Load: 3,5kN WLL per rigging point
Ground space: min. 3m x 4m

The aerial space must be free of obstacles, not closer than 2m.

For hoisting up and down, we need an additional anchor point on the ground, with a load capacity of 3,5kN WLL

In case of unclarities about the rigging points - please do not hesitate to ask me, or let me talk to your technical director directly.

Open Air
For open air events I can bring my own aerial rig: freestanding pyramid (without anchor points)
Height: 8m
Ground space: ca. 6m x 6m
Ground space for setup: 16m x 6m

Setup by Jana Korb and team.
The ground must be flat and even, free of equipment and obstacles. The aerial space must be free of obstacles, not closer than 2m.

Setup: ca. 1,5h
Take down: ca. 1h

I am happy to perform on other rigging points. Or maybe your event has sponsors of the building trades - and you have access to a crane. Please contact me!

We need a sound system, appropriate for the size of the audience. We bring our own player (to connect by mini jack).

We need light for the entire aerial space: from appr. 2m below the lower bar up until right above the top bar.
I will bring a detailled technical rider for lights.

If there is a crash mat (size: 2m x 3m x 30cm), we are happy to use it!
In some cases, we can bring our own.

In some situations or high heights I will be working with a safety line. This I will especially apply, when I shall work directly above the audience.