Paper Dolls – Aerial Theater

Summary - Information about the piece

"Cordelia is my friend. She likes me, she wants to help me, they all do. They are my friends, my girlfriends, my best friends. I have never had any before and I'm terrified of losing them. I want to please. Hatred would have been easier. With hatred, I would have known what to do. Hatred is clear, metallic, unwavering; unlike love."
Margaret Atwood in Cat's Eye

"Paper Dolls" is a physical theater piece about best friends.
A solo about the quiet cruelty and subtle manipulation of girls' friendships. A reminiscence about childhood "best friends forever".
Memories without nostalgia.
Yet, "Paper Dolls" is a plea for friendship!
For the best friend.

A three-legged pyramid stands on the street - a world by itself.
Upon and within it lives a woman - on the top a room with table, chair, lamp etc. and on the sides a kitchen and a garden.
Within and below the pyramid: abysses, memories - a cosy room, secure, secret and unknown - ropes and ropes and ropes.
Human-sized paper dolls live down there - her friends and yet strangers.

Solo - Aerial Theater on ropes (45min.), in english
Open Air at aerial rig

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Paper Dolls, Foto: Benjamin Krieg



Paper Dolls, Foto: Benjamin Krieg


Video Trailer - Paper Dolls - Aerial Theater


Paper Dolls, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky



Paper Dolls, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky



Paper Dolls, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky



Paper Dolls, Foto: Benjamin Krieg


Paper Dolls and Cat's Eyes

"This is what I miss: not something that's gone, but something that will never happen. Two old women giggling over their tea."
Margaret Atwood in Cat's Eye

Aerial artist Jana Korb transforms Margaret Atwood’s novel "The Cat's Eye" into a solo-performance. Not only does she defeat gravity with her aerial theater, she also lures the audience into different levels of their imagination - multidimensional physical theater on all levels.

Kirsten Burger - Director
Director Kirsten Burger has been working in the fields of fine arts, site specific, classical street theater, and moving theater, and has created many productions in public space. She loves direct contact with passers by, surprise, and random moments. She wants to open the perception of her audience, wants to confront them with societal borders.

We place our piece between circus arts and theater, between dance and performance, street theater and musical theater - searching for interdisciplinarity. We are interested in the in-between, methodically, and with our narrative - the space between best friends.

Our co-operation between director and performer began with biographical research: two women, their experiences, motiovations, and memories - situated in the process, creating a dramaturgy. Our conversations, the stories between us, and literature are the base for our research.

Jennie Zimmermann - Music, Voice
The voice and counterpart of our protagonist has been provided by musician, singer, and dancer Jennie Zimmermann. Together we produced a sound track / audio track for our piece.
Jennie is interested in weaving sounds, noise, and text into soundscapes - integrating phisiological processes, emotions, intuition, and instincts into her music. Her voice is free to roam for artistic research.
Working with loops, and manipulating her voice, she combines the colors of sound, words, structures, rythms, repetition, and fragments.

Die Texte werden ausschließlich Atwoods Roman entnommen und musikalisch für unsere Produktionen aufgearbeitet. Ebenso arbeiten wir mit Wiederholungen, Rhytmus, Tempo, um Stimmungen für das Spiel zu schaffen.
Wir verwenden die englische Original Roman-Vorlage.

Margaret Atwood "Cat's Eye"
Steven King "Carrie"
Michel Foucault "About friendship"
bell hooks "communion. The female Search for Love"


Aerial Theater with and by  Jana Korb

Idea: Jana Korb

Concept: Jana Korb and Kirsten Burger
Director: Kirsten Burger

Performance: Jana Korb
Music: Jennie Zimmermann

Production: Korb + Stiefel

Stage setup outdoor version

Solo on ropes, ca. 45min.
Paper Dolls is performed open air and at dusk/dark. We provide our own aerial rig, and set it up by ourselves. We also can also provide our own light.

Aerial rig:
Free standing three legged pyramid
Height: 10m
Ground space: ca. 10m x 10m
Ground space for setup: 6m x 16m

Setup by Jana Korb and team.
The ground must be flat and even, free of equipment and obstacles. The aerial space must be free of obstacles, not closer than 2m.

Setup: ca. 3h
Take down: ca. 2h

We provide our own light to perform at dusk or dark. Further light is possible upon agreement.
We need two separate sources of electricity, 230V/16A.

We need a sound system, appropriate for the size of the audience. We bring our own player (to connect by mini jack).

>>Infos and technical rider - PDF Download


Paper Dolls, Foto: Benjamin Krieg



Paper Dolls, Foto: Jürgen Scheer